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A chance to get better

This is a no frills blog site. Most of the skill I bring is in the area of language and word processing. And, there is the situation that this is not a problem I need to read up on – this is my current life. I will not be asking for any money, or, actually, anything. You select your level of participation. You can be a silent reader, do what is often called “lurking” on the internet (by the way that is not a negative term, it just recognizes that not everyone feels comfortable at first with sharing). If you decide later you’d like to share or ask questions, there will be an easy way to do that. On the other side, you may have some really good experience or insight that would benefit others. That would be ideal.


There are tons of books out there on dealing with clutter issues. I would love to hear from anyone who has found one that seems to be effective.

Often, we can achieve minor victories on a subset of our clutter issues. I would like to hear about them.

Here is where we can discuss the paths we’ve taken that really did not work out at all. And why. I’m not saying these ways would be disastrous for all, but I do think we could build a helpful library of lessons that came hard.

So if you're ready take the first step, come join our journey to a Clutter Free life