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Getting started

We make this blog community safe by using IDs instead of our real world names. As people with this problem, we are already pretty invisible. Many times those closest to us may not have any idea how miserable and defeated we feel about the environment we have created around us. We are going to make it easy for anyone to participate here, without fear that someone might recognize their story.

It is my wish that we all feel protected and supported and that we can share anything here.

My Digging Out

Welcome to mydiggingout – a forum to explore the lifestyle being described by the media as “hoarding”. There it is, that word. It has come to mean lot of things – in some cases too many things, and in some cases it does not even begin to scratch the surface. All anyone knows for sure is that no one wants to be considered a hoarder.

Your Digging Out

Are you in a constant state of dread and anxiety because of your “stuff”? Do you feel overwhelmed and powerless? Do you wake up every morning wondering if this will be the day that you begin to take back your life? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then you could possibly be one of those people currently being labelled a hoarder –like me.

Our Digging Out

My reason for establishing mydiggingout is to connect with others in the same situation. My belief is that no one could pull us out of this better than we could. The clutter is not who we are. The clutter does not say anything about us except that we have some unresolved anxiety and performance issues. I truly believe that.

More About MyDiggingOut

I wanted to create a safe and supporting community where we can share our thoughts and ideas on the subject of what the world calls “hoarding”. I believe we each have answers to our own problems, that the secret is to entice the answers out of our own heads. I think no one could help us do that more than someone who is living the same drama. Here is where we could talk about what has worked for us and what hasn’t.

So this is what mydiggingout.com is all about – a belief that the universe always gives us the answers we need, that it is just up to us to discover and believe in them.

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I am not a profession in any aspect of mental or physical care. I have sought treatment for my helplessness in my environment, but that was a long time ago, and was a pretty horrid experience.I do believe that group therapy is an effective tool in many cases. I think it is very possible that building a community of people who share their feelings and successes and failures could be a powerful treatment.

So if you're ready take the first step, come join our journey to a Clutter Free life